Ultrasonic Scaler

ultrasonic scaler

What is an ultrasonic scaler?

Ultrasonic scalers, also known as ultrasonic inserts, are power-driven scaling devices that transform electrical energy into high-frequency sound waves, creating rapid mechanical vibrations at the tip of the scaler.

How does an ultrasonic scaler work in dentistry?

The mechanical vibrations of the tip allow the removal of teeth calculus and stains. Ultrasonic scalers utilize flowing water to dissipate the heat generated by the vibrating tip. Water gets energized once it passes over the tip, hence providing another action besides cooling, which is cavitation or scouring.

Why is dental scaling important?

Gum disease causes the tissue around teeth to loosen, forming pockets that can fill with plaque. Scaling removes excessive plaque below the gumline and helps treat gum disease.

Types of ultrasonic scalers

Major manufacturers of ultrasonic scalers include Acteon, Johnson-Promident, and TPC.

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