Oraverse Anesthesia Reversal Agent

OraVerse anesthesia reversal agent can be used to lessen the duration of dental anesthetic that contains a vasoconstrictor. Once administered, unwanted numbness can dissipate twice as fast. Anesthesia reversal allows the patient to eat, speak, smile, and drink normally in a shorter amount of time. This is important because it is common to inadvertently bite the lips, cheeks, and tongue while numb. OraVerse is useful for those who have to return to work or school after a dental procedure and need to be able to speak clearly. Drooling can also be an unwanted side effect of local dental anesthesia. OraVerse is administered immediately after the completion of the dental procedure. OraVerse is the first and currently the only local dental anesthesia reversal product.

Oraverse is manufactured by Septodont USA.