Lidocaine Ointment USP 5

Many dentists use Lidocaine ointment USP 5 as a pre-injection, topical anesthetic during dental hygiene appointments for added patient comfort. Lidocaine is also available as a topical gel. Lidocaine topical gel or ointment can also be used to numb denture sore spots during an adjustment period and to numb the mouth and throat during medical procedures. Lidocaine ointment USP 5 directions are generally easy to follow. Dentists may also recommend lidocaine ointment USP 5 for toothaches.

Septodont manufactures a mint-flavored Lidocaine Ointment USP 5 for use in dentistry. Beutlich, BD and Medicom are other pharmaceutical companies that manufacture and distribute Lidocaine ointment USP 5.