Dental Saliva Ejectors

High volume evacuators and dental saliva ejectors are used to remove saliva and other materials from the mouth during dental procedures. Saliva ejectors primarily remove liquids. Most are made from plastic tubes with a wire running through the inside that allows them to bend. Saliva ejector tips, also known as suction dental tips, are placed into the patient's mouth to provide saliva suction. Dental saliva ejectors can be bent and shaped for easy placement. Unlike high volume evacuators, saliva ejectors remove unneeded material from the mouth without aspirating tissue. Some saliva ejectors even contain a built-in tongue retractor. There are also long-lasting stainless steel saliva ejectors that can be sterilized in a dental autoclave.

A few companies that make saliva ejectors are Crosstex, TIDI Products, Keystone Industries, and Zirc Company.