Dental Practice Management Software

DentiMax Advanced Practice Management Software

What is dental practice management software?

Dental practice management software helps dentists and office staff store and access critical information, organize appointments efficiently and communicate important information. Dental management software is designed to automate a variety of functions within the dental office such as appointment scheduling and appointment reminders. The capabilities of these products can include document storage and sharing, reports, and customer management. Many software systems provide additional services including dental history charting, managing patient records, treatment planning, and x ray image storage. Most dental office management software can integrate with accounting software that can assist office staff in filling out and tracking insurance claims and sending invoices to patients.

What should be considered when purchasing dental practice management software?

Dentists should consider forward compatibility as a qualifier for practice management software. Companies who produce an open-source platform will have compatibility options available for imaging modules from most major panoramic, CBCT or phosphor plate scanner manufacturers and will continue to be compatible in the years to come. Companies selling software with limited or incompatible for imaging units they don't distribute cause limits on future imaging equipment choices otherwise the office must upgrade and attempt to migrate all their records to another practice management software should they choose something else. Secondarily, the cost is a major factor. Some software can be purchased with individual licensing per computer with one charge but don't offer much tech support, while others have a lesser initial fee and charge a monthly maintenance fee with plenty of support. Security is paramount to the ability of an office to maintain operations and reputation. Be sure to always check dental product reviews before making a decision.

What are the major dentist software companies?

Major manufacturers of dental practice management software include Dentimax.

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