Dental Floss Types

There are many dental floss types, including protractible dental floss, monofilament floss, and rough dental floss. Unwaxed dental floss is made from nylon and is good at fitting into tight spaces, but is prone to shredding. Waxed dental floss is also made from nylon but has a wax coating to prevent shredding and breakage. Protractible soft floss can alleviate the risk of cutting gums and the sawing of teeth making it a great choice for the patient that flosses too vigorously.

Teeth that are close together may find it difficult to use wax floss and may benefit from using other types of Dental Floss types such as Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Floss, a Teflon tape dental floss. Dental tape is beneficial for people with wider spaces between their teeth. It is available both in waxed and unwaxed. Woven floss also works well in wide spaces. Super floss has stiff ends that make it ideal for getting into hard to reach areas like under dental bridges and around braces.

Disposable dental flossers are good for children and people with limited finger flexibility. Major dental floss manufactures are Oral-B, DenTek, Listerine cool mint floss, and Johnson & Johnson. There is a dental floss type for everyone.