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Your Patients' Online Expectations of Your Practice are Rising

Consumer expectations will drive dentists to change the way they market online.  Patients shopping for a dentist will not only expect you to have a website, they will also want to see what other information is available about you.  In fact they may even want to know what their friends, and the friends of their friends, also think of you.

Consider for a moment how important ratings and details have become in the book and travel markets.  People now not only want to see photos of the hotel they are considering, they may also want to see video, comments from recent travelers and they may search out several other travel sites to compare information.

This high level of research is not only being done by those “seeking out the best deal”, MarketTools recently revealed a study indicating affluent visitors (with annual incomes of more than $75K) are most likely to research products online before buying (43%). While the power of personal testimonials will live on, consumers will want to view as much information as possible before making decisions about buying everything from hotel rooms to healthcare.

In 2010, consider whether your website needs remodeling.  Get comfortable with the thought of video, if not of yourself, perhaps a team member or hire professional talent.  Provide pictures of your practice, even better will be 360 degree tours of your practice’s highlights.  Participate in social media—focus on your niche.  When you reveal your true self (or brand) online it will in fact attract patients who want exactly what you have to offer.

Rita Zamora is a relationship-focused dental marketer, specializing in referral marketing, patient relations, case acceptance and social media for general and specialty practices. Rita developed her referral marketing expertise working hands-on in specialty and general dentistry practices. With over sixteen years experience in dentistry, Rita has trained, coached and motivated dentists and teams in marketing, patient relations, communication and social media.

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