Why Your Dental Practice Needs a Website

world-wide-web-symbol-thumb1499183 One common mistake dentists make is not having a website.  Without a presence online, your practice is losing business. Period. Patients looking for a dentist are likely going to use a quick Internet search.  If you’re not online, they won’t see you. More than 71% of Americans use the Internet and 80% of them look for medical and dental information online.  Are you using the Internet to capture their business?

A website can benefit your practice in several ways:

  • Attract new patients
  • Give your practice a modern image
  • Present an interactive map with contact information
  • Inform patients about your services
  • Promote new services and technology
  • Provide online forms for easy at home access
  • Provide postoperative instructions
  • Display your before-and-after gallery
  • Provide financing options and dental insurance information
  • Present your speaking or training engagements
  • Display news and press about your practice
  • Promote articles you’ve written and your credentials
  • Provide a place for referred patients to find you

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