Why Buy Refurbished Dental Equipment?

dental equipment for sale For the average new dental practice, getting the necessary equipment can be tricky. Not only do you want to get the right tools, but you want to make sure it stays within budget. Things like digital image equipment, supplies, and structural upfit can cost new dental practices over $500,000. Seeing as most new dental practices many times do not have the budget to purchase dental equipment for sale at these prices, alternatives must be considered.

One alternative to purchasing dental equipment for sale is to buy refurbished products. These products are commonly more affordable than brand new retail-priced items and tend to have a great return on investment. With refurbished dental equipment for sale, simple buys like a dental patient chair can have high savings and noticeable return on investment. For example, a high-quality dental chair can hold a retail value in the range from $7,000 to $9,000. On the contrary, a refurbished chair can be half that price or more lasting some years before needing to be replaced. Dental x ray equipment can be one of the most expensive purchases when starting a new dental practice. Brand new dental digital imaging units can cost $25,000 to $50,000 retail value while used or refurbished units can be almost half.

When many people hear the word refurbished, they have a negative opinion. One thing to note is that refurbished or used does not mean that the product is not worth the purchase. Commonly, equipment may have only been used for less than a year or a few months before being replaced. The used equipment is then refurbished or customized to fit the needs of another customer. Many times used or refurbished dental equipment for sale can perform just as well, if not better, than brand new products on the market. Often, they can last longer.

An attractive smile appealed most to members of the opposite sex, according to 96% of adults surveyed in a recent study. Knowing this fact, dental professionals can take pride in the equipment they use to create these beautiful smiles. Used or refurbished equipment can be customized and add up to a total cost that can still be more affordable than buying new, customized units. When deciding on purchasing equipment for your practice, shop around. Figure out what your practice needs and compare both retail and used equipment to choose which option is best for you. Remember, used is not always as it seems.

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