Three “Must Have” Online Dental Marketing Tools

Three hot online dental marketing tools are Facebook Pages, ratings, and video.  Consider for a moment how important photos, ratings and video have become in the travel market.  If it’s that important for people to see a combination of interactive media to choose a hotel room, why wouldn’t we expect the same when shopping for a new dentist.

MarketTools recently revealed a study indicating affluent consumers (with annual incomes of more than $75K) are most likely to research products online before buying (43%). While the power of word of mouth and personal testimonials still reign king, consumers continue to expect a broader variety of information before buying anything from hotel rooms to healthcare.  

Moving back to the travel market example, hotel shoppers not only want to see photos of the hotel they are considering, they also want to see comments from recent travelers, video, and they may seek out several other travel sites to compare information.

No one wants to spend their hard earned money on a vacation that doesn’t meet their expectations.  Likewise, if given the choice between two dentists, one with a testimonial-filled Facebook Page, practice video tour, and dozens of positive ratings on Google vs. a dentist with a static website and no other web presence, which one will seem like the safer bet?

The key to successful online marketing has always been the ability to be found.  For example, on Google (in the future it may be it’s new web traffic contender, Facebook).  It’s still important to be found, however once found, be sure you can accommodate the ever-growing research needs of patients today. How broad is your online presence?

Rita Zamora is a relationship-focused dental marketer, specializing in referral marketing, patient relations, case acceptance and social media for general and specialty practices.  Rita developed her referral marketing expertise working hands-on in specialty and general dentistry practices.

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