The Contributions of Dental Plaster Traps

When it comes to maintaining a successful dental operatory, many key components come into play. Equipment can range from dental cabinetry to more simplistic and smaller scale items such as dental plaster traps. Often times, these smaller pieces of equipment can be overlooked. However, they contribute on a large scale basis to the overall functioning of a dental practice. While it is obvious how dental chairs, X-ray machines and even air/water syringes contribute and help dentists in their office, items such as dental plaster traps might not be so apparent in their contributions.

Dental plaster traps are designed to provide a filter within a draining system. Plaster traps are used not only by dentists but by artists and plumbers as well. Using plaster without the proper trap systems could potentially damage drainage pipes and eventually cost a lot of money for repairs. By investing in a high quality dental plaster trap now, it could mean huge savings for you in the future. As more and more dental practices and laboratories incorporate dental plaster traps, the demand for higher quality and easy functioning models has expanded.

When searching for the perfect dental plaster trap for your practice there are several important aspects to consider. Firstly, plaster traps should always meet the minimum clearance height between the bottom of the sink tail pipe and the top of the trap container. Dental plaster traps, even if they are disposable, should always feature a somewhat high level of strength when it comes to construction of both the actual trap itself and the lid. A dental plaster trap lid should be durable enough to allow discharge flow; thus allowing the plaster to settle out of the water. If the trap isn’t durable, your efforts might not reap the benefits.

There are several different types of dental plaster traps. Certain models such as the Handler 299 plaster traps are built for longevity. They are designed to settle out and entrap plaster, stone and other solids created within a dental laboratory. This model is made of water grade cast iron with aluminum inserts and an aluminum cover. It will meet local plumbing codes in almost all areas while also helping to keep your drains free of solid waste buildup. By investing in dental plaster traps of this quality, you will insure yourself years of service and avoid costly plumbing repairs. However, if you prefer a less permanent plaster trap and perhaps one that does not require cleaning or replacing messy liners, disposable plaster traps such as Buffalo Trap-Eze disposable traps might better fit your needs. These disposable traps are sanitary, convenient, odor-resistant and are the perfect solution for the capture and disposal of messy wet model trimming waste.

Whatever your preferences are, there are dental plaster traps that can accommodate the needs of any dental practice. Plaster traps are cost effective solutions which help dentists avoid mishaps and costly repairs down the road. They are one of the small pieces of equipment that often go unnoticed but have a large impact on the overall functionality of an operatory. By comparison shopping and by speaking to equipment specialists, you can invest in a dental plaster trap today that will ensure the longevity of the sinks and pipes within your practice as well as save a lot of money on future repairs. DuraPro Health offers a full line of both disposable dental plaster traps and durable ones built for longevity. Stop by to learn about our outstanding quality, cost effective, and highly functioning dental plaster traps today! 

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