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The 411 on Dental Stools

A dental stool is an essential piece of equipment for any dental office. Dental stools allow the dentist to look at a patient's mouth easily and effectively. They provide the dentists with a platform from which they can diagnose patients as well as take further action to perform procedures and cleanings. Dental stools help the dentist, as well as dental assistants easily access and assess the patient while at the same time remain comfortable. As the patients come and go throughout the day, the amount of time a dentist/dental assistant spends in the chair can vary.  Therefore, a good dental stool must provide comfort as well as durability & easy functioning.  One can easily see how dental stools are a very important asset to any dental operatory. Because this piece of equipment not only provides functionality but helps to protect staff from muscular/skeletal problems, it is important to consider several factors when purchasing a dental stool:

1. It is important to choose a dental stool that provides lumbar and joint support: For a patient, a visit to the dentist usually involves reclining in a comfortable dental chair while the dentist performs their job. However, for the dentist, a typical visit from a patient involves sitting on a stool and having to contort his/her body to perform oral work. It is no wonder why numerous dentists struggle with musculoskeletal problems involving their arms, neck, shoulders, and lower back. There is good news however. Several studies show that with proper equipment that provides support, comfort, and adjustable options, a dentist can help to minimize musculoskeletal problems.

2. It is important to choose a dental stool that has proper adjustment options: Because patients can come in all shapes and sizes, a dentist must be able to position him/herself in the best possible position to perform oral care. Purchasing a dental stool which allows for various adjustments will allow the dentist to find the proper height to ensure accessibility to each and every patient. Also, by having dental stools which are adjustable, it will be easier to accommodate to every dentist/dental assistant need when it comes to positioning.

3. Choose a dental stool that is durable: Dental stools can vary greatly in durability. By choosing a dental stool with a durable base, frame, cushion, and tile/carpet casters, you can ensure longevity as well as functionality. After purchasing your dental stool/stools, it is important to stay up to date on simple maintenance that could in turn increase the lifespan of your stool. Hera are a few tips that could save you a lot of money as well as keep your dental stools functioning properly:

1. Dust, hair & carpet fibers will quickly bring down the functionality of a high dollar or lesser brand of stool. Why? Dust eats away at the seals on the cylinder as the stool goes up and down. By wiping down the cylinder from top to bottom and by adding just a small amount of Vaseline to the top section[ very thin amount] every so often, you can keep the seal working properly.

2. Hair and carpet fibers seem to always find a way of getting around the caster wheels and shafts on the casters. Even if your on tile floors, the loose hair and fibers that seem to show up will eventually find the casters as well. By simply taking a small pick or tweezers and  removing the tangled mess, you can free up the wheels and allow them to roll without any drag. Some casters  will even allow you to remove the wheels and break them apart, thus making the cleaning process a lot quicker and easier. Dental stools are a few more pieces of equipment that are often over looked as something needing maintenance. However, by following these simple tips, your dental stool can last longer and perform better!

Dental stools are an important part of any dental practice. By purchasing the right ones today, you can ensure a cost efficient, higher functioning, and comfortable future. At DuraPro Health, we offer high quality dental stools. Our stools include: Three Seat Functions, Six-way Lumbar Support, Two Height Ranges, Height, Back, and Seat Adjustment Levers, Durable Tile/Carpet Casters and have Numerous Available Upholstery Colors. Our dental stools are both affordable as well as durable. 

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