Social Media Etiquette for Dental Professionals - Mind Your Post Frequency

Would you send someone ten or twenty emails in a row?  I’ve recently seen several examples of multiple Facebook business page posts blasted out one right after another.  Twenty posts is far more than most people want to receive from their dentist in one day ...

Keep in mind every business and audience is different.  In general, however, most people don’t want to hear from their health care provider that often, unless you have a really unique community (and if you do, let us know because we’d like to check you out:)).

Twenty posts can drown out other posts in a newsfeed.  Facebook is meant primarily for fun and socializing.  Seeing ten or more posts at a time on periodontal disease, root canals, or flossing can be frustrating for some folks.  When you post too much, too often, you risk having your future posts hidden.

Most importantly, you could also scare off potential new “Likes”.  Once people see how often you post, they’ll likely decline.  One possible indicator that you may be posting too much is a flat community, or having to heavily incentivize people to join your page.

We’ve reached the point where we want to know how often we’ll get emails if we subscribe.  Likewise, especially as Facebook pages become more common, people will scrutinize what you are posting and how often before they’ll “Like” your page.

Facebook marketing is all about exploring what works for you and your community.  Even if you’re really excited and have a lot to say, try to stage your posts out over time.  The benefit is that you’ll have plenty of content to use and you won’t have to struggle to brainstorm future posts.

How many posts do you think is appropriate per day, week or month?

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