Refurbished Equipment - Why & How

Why Refurbished Equipment?

Significant Cost Savings
  • Significant Savings = Quicker ROI
  • Better and/or More Equipment with Your Investment
Quality Equipment
  • Like-New Appearance and Functionality
  • Warranties Provide Security of Investment
Environmentally Friendly
  • Refurbishing Consumes Far Fewer Resources
  • Keeps Equipment Out of Landfills

DentalPlanet Refurbishing - How it's done

Our Extensive Process: Restoring Equipment to Original Working Condition and Ensuring Full Functionality.


The typical refurbishment process of a piece of equipment, whether it be a light, delivery unit, film processor, sterilizer, x-ray unit or a patient chair, will many times start from a trade-in, from new or existing customers, office closures or bank repossessions.


Equipment to be refurbished is brought into our 10,000 square foot production area where technicians evaluate the equipment to determine what is required to bring it back to like-new condition.


The equipment undergoes a full function and use test and any non- functioning components are repaired or replaced.


Custom upholstery and custom paint are no problem for DuraPro Health. You are not limited to buying a chair that “almost” matches your other chairs. With over 400 different colors to choose from, we can ensure the equipment matches your colors in your office.


After functionality tests are complete, our Technician completes the disassembly and the individual elements are repaired and repainted to match original equipment specifications.


Once the equipment is ready for reassembly, it returns to production where all biologicals are replaced. Finally, during the reassembly process, the unit undergoes a second electrical and electronic functional test.


All equipment undergoes a final quality and functionality test prior to leaving the Production area. Once a unit passes a 10-20 point dual inspection.


Finally our shipping department expedites your equipment with own delivery team or by carefully selected professional van lines with white glove attention to any location.

Thanks for Reviewing the Benefits of Buying Refurbished Dental Equipment and DuraPro Health's Extensive Process. We are proud to be the World's Largest Refurbished Dental Equipment Provider.

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