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Real world duties for social media

Chances are by now most of you know a little bit about social media.  Hundreds of dentists are jumping on board every day.  We receive dozens of invites to dental pages each day.  You have tackled the first virtual obstacle, but it will take real world actions to keep things moving.  You must spread the word in the real world in order to have a successful social media presence.  So what real world tactics can you employ to jump start your social media campaign.

Be like Best Buy.  If you have visited a Best Buy store lately you may have noticed that their social media profiles are featured on the front door.  I know several dentists, including myself, who have their web address on their front door.  Your website is open 24/7, and probably has a lot of great info about your practice.  Why not have it on your front door where everyone can see it?  The same goes for your Facebook or Twitter profile.  Shout it from the mountain tops.  "I am here!  This is where to find me".  Believe it or not, about 60% of the population has a Facebook profile.  They will probably find it interesting that you are available on Facebook. Send them home with a reminder.  Many of you give goodie bags and appointment cards to patients on the way out.  Remember to always put your social media profiles on your cards.  Patients will only remember a fraction of what you tell them, so the cards will help jog their memory.   Odds are that card will be placed with a magnet on the refrigerator and hang in plain view for months.  You will now have a tiny freon supported billboard for your social media profile.

Make your profile easy to find for your web visitors.  The "find us on Facebook" and "Follow us on Twitter" prompts on your website are a no brainer.  Be sure that you have links to your profiles easily accessible and very visible.  The key factor in web traffic is MAKE IT EASY.  There are also new website add ons that can let visitors peek into your social media profiles right from your web page.  Facebook's widget page has several new add ons that allow visitors to see a live stream or to make a comment on your Facebook page.  Facebook recently announced that it will unlock its "Share" feature to be used on websites.  This will allow a web visitor to share any content on your website to their Facebook profile, thus giving your website viral potential.

Optimize your reviews and profiles.  Reputation based software providers Demandforce now allow you to add some of your social media profiles to your account.  If you use this service, be sure to list your profiles.  Your social media profiles should also be added to any other web listing you have out there.  Google local business listings is a biggie.  Provide as much information as you can to potential visitors, and make it easy to find you in several places.

Your social media efforts can be a great success.  Take the time to promote them correctly, and watch your fan base grow.

Jason T. Lipscomb is a general dentist in Richmond, VA and a co-author of Social Media for Dentists.  Dr. Lipscomb has developed the methods used by Social Media for Dentists after several years of private practice.  He maintains a unique perspective on dental marketing by operating two busy practices and researching social media practices.  Social Media for Dentists is one of the only dental specific Social Media marketing books.  Social Media for Dentists L.L.C. offers hands on training to dentists all over the country.

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