Maintaining and Purchasing the Right Portable Dental Units

Between the years of 2010 and 2030, the elderly population is projected to increase by as much as 75% or 69 million people! These statistics show that the need for dentists to provide services outside of the operatory will be enhanced substantially. Because portable dental unit availability is on the rise, dentists will have access to the proper tools needed to perform their work in various avenues. By following a few simple maintenance tips and by purchasing the right units the first time, you can save both time and money in the future! Here is a list of a few considerations to take into account:

  1. Select portable dental units that are designed not only to be transported from location to location, but that are also built to withstand the possible damage of being transported as well. Because several dentists who practice outside of the office are required to use vehicles to transport their portable dental units, the impact of car rides could be detrimental to equipment. By selecting and replacing portable dental unit parts with high quality, sturdy, and durable ones, you can ensure the longevity and functionality of your dental units.
  2. Because they are designed with transportation in mind, several units are supplied with impact-resistant cases. If your unit does not come with a proper case, it is crucial to invest in one. The proper case will keep all of your parts and pieces in one location as well as prevent damage. Portable dental units are typically small enough in size to even be checked in as baggage on a flight. By having a proper case, going through airports or to and from various locations will be a lot easier for you and safer for your equipment as well.
  3. Purchase your portable equipment from a company that offers warranties. Because your equipment will be traveling often, it is always safer to prepare for the future should something occur.
  4. Stay up to date with routine maintenance on your portable equipment. By ensuring that your unit is clean, properly functioning, and has all necessary working parts, you can ensure longevity and savings for you in the future!
  5. Take into consideration exactly what types of locations you will be providing treatment in. By doing so, you can guarantee that you will choose portable dental units that will fulfill all of your needs and save you money in the future.
Portable dental equipment can include various units, chairs, X-ray machines, lights, and so much more. At DuraPro Health, we offer a full line of durable, state of the line, highly functioning, and exceptionally priced portable dental equipment.
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