Improvements in Digital X-rays

As technology advances in our modern day society, dentists have a larger selection of tools which provide efficiency, reliability, and even greater results than ever before. The advance in Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is just one example of a tool that has improved; thus giving dentists even greater possibilities. The latest NewTom VG dental CBCT technology works by capturing a series of 360 images in a single 24-second scan. These images are then stored as information in a digital database on a computer hard drive. With models such as the new and advanced Imaging Technology NewTom VG dental CBCT, we find powerful proprietary software. This software gives the dentist the ability to reconstruct 3D images in many ways. The software operator has the options of primary reconstructing images in multiple planes, capturing data, and even developing the highest quality images possible for use in diagnosis and treatment planning.

The NewTom VG dental CBCT includes a 9" field of view. When this view is coupled with the machines’ small focal spot, dentists are able to obtain the highest quality images possible. These acquired images are now reconstructed with even greater accuracy. The volume of image data captured is also kept to a minimum. Because of this, there is now shorter image reconstruction times- generally averaging about three minutes. With economical disk drive usage, raw data is no longer necessary and is automatically deleted from the hard drive. The result is greater valuable disk space available for the dentist in the long run.

The NewTom VG dental CBCT machines utilize a flat panel x-ray detector. This results in extremely sharp and crisp images. Although most dentists rely on x-rays for bone and tooth structure images for diagnosis and treatment planning, the NewTom VG x-rays also provide excellent soft tissue imaging as well. The NewTom VG represents the newest in CBCT technology from the same initial company that invented cone beam scanning.

With all of the advances in technology and strides made by the NewTom VG, patient safety is still a top priority. The NewTom VG uses Safe Beam technology, which results from the automatic adjusting of radiation dosages based on patient’s age and size. This dental CBCT technology utilizes intermittent bursts of radiation only lasting a few milliseconds in duration during the actual image acquisition-rather than the constant stream of radiation emitted by many other CBCT imaging products. Children, for example, receive up to 40% less radiation than adults during the typical scan.

It is easy to see how far CBCT technology has come. With the new Safe Beam image acquisition, both the patients and the dental team will be able to take advantage of safer x-ray technology. With the faster image reconstruction, there is less time wasted for both the patients and staff. The NewTom VG is available from select companies such as DuraPro Health and provides not only safety, but an important level of comfort and familiarity for patients and dentists as well.

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