Go Digital!

As dentistry goes digital, we want you to be fully informed.  We've compiled a list of common misconceptions about digital dentistry from our contributor, Kodak Dental Systems

Digital Misconception: Patients in need of sophisticated technology need to be referred to another practitioner.

Digital Reality: Today’s dental and maxillofacial imaging requires sophisticated technology – and deciding on equipment used to be as challenging as operating it. Rather than piecing together 2D images or referring your patient to another practitioner, you can capture high-quality 3D images yourself with a cone beam 3D system. Keep your patients comfortable and expand your practice.  Entrust your 3D imaging to the Kodak 9500 cone beam 3D system.

Digital Misconception: High quality 2D and 3D images require too much time from doctors and too much radiation exposure to patients.

Digital Reality: Digital imaging technology has made significant technological advances in recent years. The result: an impressive array of diagnostic potential, including endodontics, implantology, and others, all at the push of a few buttons. Try the Kodak 9000 3D system. It combines premium imaging with intuitive use and patient safety.

Digital Misconception: High-resolution radiographs aren’t worth the time or effort.

Digital Reality: All digital radiography systems are NOT created equal, but impeccable images CAN be quickly and easily generated and maneuvered. A high-resolution radiography system sets the stage for consistent, confident diagnosis. You should consider the quality and durability of the sensors. Look for precise positioners, a posterior cable, and rounded corners which are more comfortable for patients. Be sure to factor in sensors designed for pediatric examinations and patients with small mouths. Try the Kodak RVG 6100 digital radiography system, it offers all these attributes and more!

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