Facebook's latest revolution

Facebook has begun to implement some new features to take the social media giant more mobile.   Facebook states that there are over 100 million mobile users, and mobile users are twice as active as non-mobile users. -Facebook-
The use of mobile Facebook is nothing new to many users.   What mobile users can expect is more integration into handsets, user friendly apps, and online advertising.  There have been many power plays in the past year involving mobile advertising companies.

Users can also expect more localization in their social media.  Twitter began to roll out their localization feature several weeks ago.  Sites like foursquare, loopt, and Brightkite have taken advantage of the localization craze from the very beginning.  These localization platforms use your location, determined by your mobile device, to tell others where you are and make suggestions based on your whereabouts.  Yelp the online review site is also getting into the mix by suggesting local businesses near your present location.  Facebook has not issued any localization feature yet, but it shouldn't be very long before it does.

Today Facebook has also rolled out a cool new feature, the QR code. You have probably seen the QR code before. They usually appear on shipping packages or other consumables.  They carry much more information than the normal UPC code, and they can now carry web addresses.  Some new phones that work on the Android system can decipher these codes and correlate the results with applications on the phone i.e. Facebook.  The inclusion of these codes on Facebook will allow mobile users to compact much information into a small code bar.  Users will also be able to share their information by offering up their code bar.  Thus furthering the mobile social media revolution.

The rollout has been a bit spotty.  It appeared and disappeared on my profile today before I had the chance to do a screen capture.  But it does indicate the push to get more social media networks integrated into the mobile world.  This will also be a great opportunity for dentists using social media.  Many dentists search and search for more fans and followers.  It is sometimes difficult to get patients and potential patients to become fans of your social media content.  With this new scan system, you can have your barcode at the front desk and have your staff say," Want to become a fan of ABC Dentistry on Facebook?  Well here scan this with your phone."   It can be that simple.

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