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Dental Office Maintenance Tips

Preventative Maintenance

Dental Office Maintenance Tips

Maintaining and running a successful dental practice includes many components and aspects. Often times, it can be easy to overlook the small, or even large, preventative maintenance practices. Skipping maintenance on any piece of equipment can result in unplanned downtime and additional expenses when something breaks down.

Use this common and simple list as a starting point, and add items relevant to your specific equipment.

Daily Maintenance Tips:

  • Clean all vacuum lines and solids collectors in each operatory (cleaners, filters and accessories)

  • Clean and Lubricate handpieces

  • Remove burs, clean and lubricate prophy angles and contra angles

  • Check solution or water in sterilizer

  • Turn off nitrous oxide and oxygen tanks

  • Turn off vacuum and compressor

  • Clean nitrous oxide nasal inhaler hoods after every use (do not use alcohol)

  • Make sure tubing of Cavitron is not kinked

  • Turn off main water valves (solenoid) at night to prevent possible flooding

Monthly Maintenance Tips:

  • Check nitrous oxide safety level indicators

  • Check nitrous oxide unit, lines, hoses, and masks for leakage

  • Check air pressure to all handpieces

  • Clean panoramic cassettes with intensifying screen cleaner

  • Check sterilizer with a sterilization monitor

  • Check master water filter element

  • Clean / replace plaster trap


Semi-Annual Maintenance Tips:

  • Replace the coalescing and intake filters on air compressor

  • Lubricate all moving parts of dental lights and dental chairs

  • Check mercury vapor safety levels


Annual Maintenance Tips:

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