Dental Cabinetry Care Tips

Your dental office cabinetry is an integral part of the delivery of quality care to your patients. In addition to functionality, your cabinetry's aesthetics are just as important in projecting your office's image to your patients. There are some simple procedures to ensure your cabinetry will look and perform its best. Our Providence line of dental cabinetry by Smart Cabinets comes with a 5 year warranty thus following the guidelines below will extend the life of our cabinets as well.


Laminate Care

The decorative surface may be cleaned with warm water and mild soaps, such as those used for hands or dishes. Do not use cleansers that contain abrasives, acids or alkalis; they will damage the decorative surface. Remove stubborn stains with a 2-minute exposure to hypochlorite bleach such as Clorox®, followed by clean water rinse.

We recommend that you not allow any of the following agents to remain in contact with the decorative surface:

  • Hypochlorite bleach, except as described above
  • Hydrogen peroxide solution
  • Mineral acids, hydrochloric acid such as Lime-A-Way™, sulfuric or nitric acid
  • Caustic solutions containing greater than 2% lye, such as Drano®
  • Sodium bisulfate, such as Sani-Flush®
  • Potassium permanganate
  • Berry juices
  • Silver nitrate, in 1% concentration or greater
  • Gentian violet
  • Mild silver protein, such as 20% argyrols
  • Bluing
  • Fabric dye, such as Tintex®, Rit®
  • Alcohol containing 1% iodine in solution

Plexi Glass Care

  • Dusting: Gently use a soft, damp cloth or chamois.
  • Cleaning: Use a small quantity of soap and lukewarm water, rinse well with clean water, and dry with a soft cotton cloth or chamois.
  • We recommend a product called BRILLIANIZE for cleaning plexiglass (acrylic), glass, and any hard shiny surfaces. It helps to repel dust and is non-toxic - alcohol and ammonia free. This product is available from
  • For Scratch Removal: After years of use and cleaning, plexiglass may develop fine surface scratches. We recommend using NOVUS 2 with a 100% cotton cloth to buff out fine scratches. This product is also available from eStreetPlastics.
    • Window Cleaning Fluids
    • Scouring Compounds
    • Gritty Cloths
    • Lacquer Thinner
    • Benzene
    • Alcohol
    • Ammonia
    • Carbon Tetrachloride
    • Gasoline

SPECIAL NOTE - Standing water is laminate wood cabinetry's worse enemy. Water damage can include curling of laminate and swelling of panels. Damage is caused by standing water or a large amount of water from a broken pipe or malfunctioning equipment. ALWAYS ADDRESS STANDING WATER OR SPILLS IMMEDIATELY TO AVOID DAMAGE TO CABINETRY.

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