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Curing Light for Dentists Buying Guide

Many of today’s most common dental procedures involve light curing. Because every practice considers it to be so essential, LED curing lights are among the most important equipment purchases a dentist can make. Therefore, it’s important to put a little extra time and effort into researching the best dental curing lights and what features to look for. To make the process a little easier, we’ve put together this helpful guide from DuraPro Health that details what options are available and important factors to consider when making your decision.

Halogen vs. LED Lighting

For many years, halogen curing lights were the most commonly used type of curing light in dental practices. They have a number of great features, including the ability to cure a wide range of materials. However, many of these curing lights have been phased out over the years due to their drawbacks, which include the excessive heat they produce (often requiring loud cooling fans), the high level of power consumption (which means models are generally corded rather than cordless), and the need for more frequent bulb replacements.

Today, LED (light emitting diode) lights are much more popular. Because they consume far less power, it’s relatively easy to find a cordless curing light with a long battery life. This type of curing light is generally smaller and lighter as well, making it easier to maneuver as necessary. LED lights are also incredibly long-lasting, so bulb replacements are far less frequent. While halogen lights are not obsolete by any means, it’s worth noting that for most applications, many dentists prefer an LED curing light.

Dental Curing Light Features

Curing light models come with a variety of features which can make them easier for dentists to operate. Some of the features of the best curing lights for dentistry include:

  • Wavelength settings: Different wavelengths may be required for curing different types of composites, adhesives, cements and sealants.

  • Rapid charging: LED curing lights are typically battery powered, and fast charging is essential in a busy dental practice.

  • Light guides: Curing dental materials requires extreme accuracy, so light guides can be very helpful for ensuring the best results.

  • Programmable cure times: Dentists can set the cure time for individual applications to ensure thorough polymerization.

  • Audible alerts: Helpful sounds can indicate when curing is complete and when batteries need to be recharged.

  • Tip sizes: The preferred configuration of the tip may vary depending on the application, so choosing a curing light with multiple tip options is recommended.

The Best Curing Light Brands

There are numerous dental curing light brands available today. In addition to choosing a model from a trusted manufacturer, it’s also important to order from a supplier that provides a warranty with your purchase, such as DuraPro Health. Our selection of dental curing lights includes options from popular brands like TPC, Litex, Pac-Dent, Safari and SDI. You can choose from halogen or LED options depending on your needs and preferences, and a number of common curing light accessories are available as well, such as chargers, barrier sleeves and replacement bulbs.

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