Choosing the Right Equipment

Refurbished DentalEZ E-2000 now available at DuraPro HealthWhether you are building a new office, remodeling an existing office, or simply making a change, the proper selection of equipment for your practice is important for your success and the operation of your office.

There are many factors when considering your equipment decisions. The one area most are concerned with is aesthetics. Is my office and equipment something I am proud of? No one wants to open a practice with outdated or obsolete equipment that is not only nonfunctional, but also an embarrassment to the new facility and the patients. But cost does play into the equation and should play into the decision-making process.

The options for affordable new equipment and quality refurbished equipment can mean a great savings to you now, and have a pronounced effect on your retirement accounts later in your career. Saving $100,000 now has proven to mean as much as $1,500,000 to you at retirement.

You have many options in dental equipment providers. The most important step in selecting a company is their experience with new offices and the comfort level you have with their knowledge of equipment and the industry. Choose a company and an equipment specialist that have your best interests in mind and are not primarily focused on how much equipment they can sell and make commissions on, but rather how the choices best fit into your budget and the function of your office.

It’s also important to align yourself with a company that uses industry specific specialists in the design, construction, digital integration, and practice management areas. You wouldn’t select a heart doctor to do brain surgery, so do not select a company that says they can do it all. Instead, choose one that has specific alliance partnerships with industry-specific experienced professionals. Most importantly, it’s your office. Select the equipment you like and that fits your budget.

DuraPro Health offers a vast range of quality used and refurbished dental equipment from chairs, to lights, to x-rays and cameras, all at a price that makes sense for your dental practice.

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