Buying Refurbished Dental Equipment

Setting up a new operatory or replacing worn gear can be expensive. Save money without sacrificing quality with refurbished dental equipment from DuraPro Health.

For the typical new dental practice, getting all of the necessary equipment can be tricky, especially when there’s a budget to stick to. Essential items, like digital imaging equipment, supplies and structural fittings, can cost new dental practices over $500,000. Since most new dental practices do not have the capital to purchase brand-new equipment for multiple operatories, many practices consider more affordable alternatives.

One alternative to purchasing new dental equipment is buying refurbished dental equipment. These products are usually less expensive than the latest retail-priced dental equipment and can have a great return on investment. Here are a few more reasons why refurbished dental equipment makes good business sense.

Save Serious Money

If you track the latest dental products to hit the market, then you know that the cost continues to rise. Newly established practices have plenty of expenditures without the added stress of outfitting several operatories with expensive digital imaging units, chairs, dental cabinets and other technical gear.

With refurbished dental equipment, simple buys like a patient chair can have high savings and a clear return on investment. With more expensive, big-ticket items, such as panoramic X-ray machines, complete operatory packages, cabinetry and software systems, you can see even greater savings and return. All that equipment adds up, but you can shave thousands off your outlay with high-quality refurbished gear.

Rethink Refurbished

The word refurbished has a negative connotation for some, but there is no compromise on quality with refurbished dental equipment. The process of refurbishing restores items to the manufacturer's standards and can extend their lifespans. Used dental equipment or refurbished dental equipment can often perform just as well, if not better, than brand-new products on the market.

Reduce the Waste

What happens to old dental equipment no longer in use? It may end up in storage, an unused operatory or in a landfill. Instead of contributing to the problem of amassing obsolete and idle dental equipment, you can be part of the solution.

Some pieces, including stools and chairs, can be customized with new materials to match the rest of your dental chairs, so there’s no reason not to opt for this top-quality equipment. With so many single-use dental supplies thrown away every day, it is nice to know that not everything has to be disposable.

Prepare for Anything

Refurbished dental equipment makes an excellent backup. Having an extra autoclave or a portable X-ray machine can come in handy if your primary equipment breaks down. With affordable, spare equipment, you can maintain your dental practice's workflow without losing time or canceling procedures.

Stay Competitive

Some dentists may feel left behind when vying with larger groups or corporate practices that have the latest technology or upgrade their offices every few years. With refurbished dental equipment, you can benefit from another practice's upgrade by finding quality equipment in excellent shape that may be more advanced than what you currently use.

Are you ready to rethink your position on refurbished dental equipment? Speak with our professional consultants to see what we have in stock and how buying used can help your practice reduce overhead.

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