All About Dental Air Compressors

Learn more about the many air compressor options available for dental practices, including the most important features to look for in a compressor.

Air compressors are one of the most important pieces of equipment used in dental practices today, but choosing a specific compressor can be challenging even for the most experienced dental professionals. Between silent, mini and oil-free models, the selection of dental air compressors is widespread and vast. As modern technology advances and as the options for dental air compressors expand, selecting and purchasing a new model can seem somewhat overwhelming.

Information on choosing the right compressor is somewhat scarce, but there are a few important factors that dentists should always consider before investing in a new machine. Dental air compressors can be a costly addition to an operatory, which is why it’s vital for buyers to take an ample amount of time to research and select the proper model for one’s practice. Learn more about the four most important features to look for in a dental air compressor.

Feature #1: Oil-Free Reliability
Dentists in search of a new dental air compressor can begin by searching for models with oil-free reliability. Oil and dentistry simply do not mix, so an oil-free piece of equipment is a better choice for any practice. 

Every operatory requires compressed air to function and operate. However, if the air a dentist uses to run their practice has poor quality, the effects can be extremely detrimental. Having unclean air can negatively impact not only the patient but also the staff and the dentist. Ultimately, it could also affect the outcomes of various procedures as well as the operating costs. 

Compressors that require oil lubrication are consistently adding oil vapor to the stream of compressed air that is released. Even if the compressor is top of the line, it is impossible for it to filter out all of the oil from the air. The vapor from the oil will eventually negatively impact dental instruments, components and tools as they become clogged and damaged over time. This can result in costly maintenance, updates and repairs. 

Also, much like a vehicle, dental air compressors which use oil require routine oil changes as they steadily expel oil over time. This can be time consuming to the dentist as oil levels must be checked on a regular basis. By selecting a model with an oil-free compressor, you can eliminate these problems. In the long run, an oil-free model will help you save both time and money and protect the health and safety of patients and employees alike.

Feature #2: Efficiency
The second important aspect dentists must consider when purchasing a new dental air compressor is whether it is both efficient and reliable. By selecting a model which is made for maximum efficiency with high-quality parts, you’ll provide better care for your patients and save time and money on repairs and maintenance. Ideally, you should choose a dental air compressor that comes complete with a warranty so you can ensure that your compressor will enhance your practice as well as function in the long run.

Feature #3: Cool Running Reliability
Along with these considerations, dentists should insist on finding a model with cool running reliability. Because dental air compressors work diligently on a daily basis, it is vital to find a model with proper ventilation and one which will help to dissipate heat that builds up during times of functioning. To help ensure that your compressor doesn’t overheat, make sure you’re choosing one that’s the right size for your needs.

Feature #4: Dry Reliability
Finally, dentists should select a model with dry reliability. Most of the newer models of dental air compressors are now capable of removing moisture from compressed air. This helps you ensure that your air is both high in quality, extremely dry and, most importantly, safe. 

A dental air compressor helps a practice to run on a daily basis. By searching for a model with these four key components, a dentist can provide a sound addition to any operatory and help keep patients and staff healthy and operating costs at a minimum.

At DuraPro Health, we offer several types of dental air compressors that meet the standards and have the components mentioned above. Stop by today to see our wide array of dental equipment, including dental air compressors.

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