Vatech America

Vatech’s award winning family of products provides clients with an array of different options for their practices. All modalities and any configuration of a digital dental radiography system is available including Cone Beam CT, panoramic, cephalometric, and intraoral sensors. Their goal is to deliver superior diagnostics to improve the lives of patients. DuraPro Health sells both new and refurbished Vatech equipment.

Vatech PaX-i Panoramic X-ray
13,898.00 11,998.00 11998.0 USD
Vatech PaX-i3D Cone Beam Panoramic X-ray
36,998.00 36,998.00 36998.0 USD
Vatech PaX-i3D Cone Beam Panoramic X-ray
37,898.00 35,898.00 35898.0 USD
Vatech PaX Primo Panoramic X Ray
12,998.00 10,998.00 10998.0 USD
Vatech PaX-i Cephalometric and Panoramic X-ray
Call for Availability 27,898.00 27,898.00 27898.0 USD
Vatech EzRay Air W
Call for Availability 2,938.00 2,938.00 2938.0 USD