One Scan, Two Images

In the field of dental x-ray imaging, the Smart Plus has completely changed the game. It replaces the need for several x-ray scans by providing both a CT image and an Auto Panoramic image with only one scan. If a patient needs both images, there is no longer a requirement for them to undergo two separate x-ray scans. Within the One Viewer functionality, both photos are seen. You can save time and work by having the photographs simply displayed in a single viewer.

There are many advantages to being able to examine images in 2D and 3D simultaneously. 

Your presentations will now look more professional thanks to the seamless picture integration, which eliminates the need for several software packages.  This layout helps patients better understand the images, which will result in increasing acceptance rates.

Precision Diagnostics with Panoramic Images

With regard to accuracy and quality, the Smart Plus is unmatched. The anterior and dental roots, in particular, may be seen in greater depth thanks to these crisp, clear images, which also improve your ability to diagnose. These dependably excellent panoramas have raised the bar for panoramic dental imaging.

Optimal Cephalometric Images for Diagnostics

The Full Lateral option, which offers 30% larger images and encompasses the patient's occipital orthodontics and maxillofacial surgery area, is available for a more thorough diagnosis. To meet your needs, you will have access to specialized, high-quality photos.


CT [with Auto Pano] + Pano + Ceph + 3D Model
Focal Spot
0.5 mm [IEC 60336]
5x5 cm / 10x8.5 cm (Anatomical 12x9 cm)
Voxel Size
0.08 mm / 0.12 mm / 0.2 mm / 0.3 mm
Scan Time
CT 18 sec
Pano 14.1 sec / 7 sec
Ceph 1.9 sec / 3.9 sec
3D Model 18 sec
Gray Scale
14 bit
Tube Voltage
60~99 kVp
4~16 mA
With Ceph Unit : 357.1 lbs

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Vatech Smart Plus CBCT Dental X-ray with Ceph

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