RAYDENT Studio 3D Printing Solution Kit


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    Product Information:

    • Products Model: RAM600P
    • Product Brand: Ray America
    • Condition: New
    • Warranty: 2 Years

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    RAYDENT Studio 600
    New Chair Side Dental 3D Printing Solutions

    Fast and high precision printing experiences in your daily treatment. RAYDENT Studio is a total solution kit, offering 3D printer, resin, and CAD software. Convenient software help users of all skill levels to access digital dental technology easily.

    RAYDENT Studio dental 3D printer for the dental industry, specifically for:


    Printing time 20~25 min / Accuracy avg. 40um

    Surgical guides

    Printing time Full: 40~50 min / Half: 25~30 min

    Dental models

    Printing time 40~50 min / Accuracy avg. 50um

    RAYDENT Technology

    RAYDENT Studio utilizes LCD technology, the ones used in mobile phones. LCPS provides fast printing with high precision an an improved uniformity in a compact conventional size body.

    RAYDENT Technology

    Ray adopted the disposable vats to guide users to have less trouble managing vats and reduce wasted resin material.

    Software Features
    The 3D printing solution, designed for dental professionals.

    Materials for 3D printing
    RAYDENT offers various types of resins for a wide range of applications. These are also biocompatible and water washable (alcohol-free cleaning process).

    RAYDENT Post-Curing Unit
    The RAYDENT Post-Curing Unit is designed for digital dentistry. It is customized on the RAYDENT 3D Printing materials. The presets can be customized by resin type in the RAYDENT 3D printer software.

    Technical Specifications