Pac-Dent Pac-Flex Titanium Refill Kit Size 1

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    • Products Model: PTS1R-10
    • Product Brand: Pac-Dent
    • Condition: New
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    Pac-Dent Pac-FLex Titanium Refill Kit

    Contains: 10 Titanium Posts, 1 Primary Reamer,1 Secondary Drill, Size 1, Red

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    • TAPERED TIP provides a smooth transition between post and root canal.
    • SPLIT SHANK redirects insertion stresses towards post instead of the root.
    • SHARP THREADS cuts into the dentin instead of compressing dentin.
    • VENTING CHANNEL avoids hydrostatic pressure during cementation.
    • WIDER CORONAL SHANK increases the intimacy of fit between the post and the wider coronal section of the root canal.
    • SERRATED HEAD DESIGN provides excellent retention of core buildup materials.
    • CROSS SLOTS IN POST HEAD for wrench which fits within the post head diameter to facilitate post placement in narrow areas.
    • The enhanced infection control, improved access, increased visibility, and engineered performance make these angles the best choice for dental hygienists.