PE-VI-01 6 0z bottle of spray

Vitality testing with Pac-Endo™ Vital-Ice™ is a critical part of the endodontic diagnosis, in addition to a complete dental exam with exposed radiographs. Stimulating the nerve edings of the pulp with a cold spary is a effective way to test for vitality. The results of this test will indicate the vitality(existing blood flow) of the tooth before starting the procedure. Note: pain relief drugs may cause a false reading that the tooth is vital but does not respond to the cold sensation.

  • A quick way to check cold sensitivity
  • signifigantly colder than ethyl chloride or ice
  • For accuracy use with micro applicators or cotton pellets
  • Directional nozzle for easy placement on micro applicator or cotton pellets

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Pac-Dent Vital-Ice™ Vitality Spray

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    • Products Model: PE-VI-01
    • Manufacturer: Pac-Dent
    • Condition: New
    • Warranty: Satisfaction Guaranteed

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    VITAL-ICE™ Pulp Vitality Refrigerant Spray

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