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Product Information:

  • Products Model: NIS-SENSORNEW1
  • Product Brand: DentiMax
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 3 Years

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Affectionately termed the Dream Sensor, the all-new DentiMax boxless sensors represent the latest in CMOS digital radiography, producing incredibly crystal-clear, film-like X-ray images. The sensors excel in every area, including: (1) Image Quality (2) Patient Comfort and (3) Hardware/Software Compatibility.

About DentiMax Sensors

DentiMax Sensors feature a boxless design. This means that no additional parts are needed to assist with imaging. Instead, this digital sensor provides a direct, plug-and-play USB connection. This aspect allows for a degree of convenience, including portability within your practice and compatibility with multiple imaging software programs and other dental sensors.

This digital X-ray imaging device further includes rounded corners for a more comfortable experience, the thinnest CMOS construction currently available, waterproof protection and a reinforced Kevlar® cable for another degree of durability.

This arrangement provides the following benefits:

Image Quality

The quality of the images that are produced by the DentiMax CMOS sensors are the best in industry. Details surpass what you’ll find from other digital imaging solutions, thanks to reduced noise and greater contrast. DentiMax sensors offer an imaging area of 900 mm2, allowing for a more comprehensive picture of a patient’s teeth and dental health. Click here to see our image gallery and decide for yourself.

Patient Comfort

With a low-profile design and one of the thinnest dental imaging solutions available, the DentiMax sensors' rounded corners and smooth edges are ideal for patient comfort and patient compliance. Sensors are offered in adult and in youth sizes so as to provide the best fit for varying mouths. The adult size #2 sensor takes a large X-ray "footprint," while the youth size #1 sized sensor is the perfect fit for the smaller mouth. For dimensions and specifications, please see the chart below:

Size 2 SensorSize 1 Sensor
Actual Sensor Dimensions
36.00 mm x 25.99 mm
24.35 mm x 36.73 mm
Sensor Thickness
5.41 mm
5.41 mm
36.00 mm x 25.99 mm
19.95 mm x 30.02 mm
Pixel Size
19 Microns x 19 Microns
19 Microns x 19 Microns

Hardware/Software Compatibility

With the introduction of Microsoft Windows® 7, dental offices wishing to go digital are finding it increasingly difficult to purchase new computers that are compatible with digital X-ray sensors. Most only work with older 32-bit technology and not with the latest 64-bit version, which comes preloaded on almost all new computers. DentiMax's new 64-bit compatible digital sensor fixes this dilemma, making it possible for dental offices to choose the latest in digital radiography and computer technology. In addition, DentiMax's imaging software is compatible with virtually all practice management systems, including Dentrix®, Eaglesoft®, Softdent® and Easydental®, making it a "universal" sensor.

Complete Packages

Each bundle includes the sensor or sensors, DentiMax Imaging single user, two hours of training, positioner or positioners, an instructional video, a three-year limited warranty and 30 days of support. Complete practice management bundles include everything above plus a DentiMax Imaging five-user license and DentiMax Advanced for Networks Bundle.