Dental LED Light IRIS VIEW

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Product Information:

  • Products Model: LL-306GHEAD
  • Product Brand: G.COMM
  • OEM Model: LL-306GHEAD, LL-306G, LL-306GS, CL-306G, CL-306GS, TL-1005I, TL-1005SI
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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Led dental light IRIS VIEW

The lamp can be controlled both with MyLight app and with the onboard keyboard to manage all the functions, according with the dentists' needs. Using the iPad it's possible to let an assistant set the parameters of the illumination with a Wi-Fi connection. In this way it's possible to avoid touching the lamp, increasing hygiene and cleaning.

- Colour temperature regulation: Through a regulation system (Gcomm patented) it's possible to adjust the colour temperature from 4.200° K to 6.000° K. to improve the contrast on soft tissues. Recent studies demonstrate that dentist concentration increase through the rise of colour temperature with the consequent reduction of dentist eyestrain. With the onboard keyboard or through the iPad it's possible to set 3 different preset programs: Anty-Polymerisation Mode: minimises blue emissions, reducing the compound curing speed; Surgical Treatment: optimises the colour contrast on the soft tissues, better distinguishing the shades of the gums, blood and peridontium; Colour Capture: creates a combination of cool and warm LEDs that maximises the colour rendering index facilitating the dentists' choices during tooth replacement operations.

- Light intensity: It's possible to adjust illuminance from 8.000 to 35.000 lux, as a function of the specific application, reducing eyestrain.

- Scialitic Effects: The clearly geometry of reflectors, in combination with each LED source, allow to realize a luminous flux which is homogenous, clean and without shadows.

- Low consume and high lifetime: The low values of current and voltage (<20W), required to supply the light source, minimize the heat production, making the fan cooler not necessary. LED lifetimes are high in comparison with halogen light. Minimum LED lifetimes is about 50.000 hours, against the traditional 3.000 - 5.000. Soft lines and smooth surfaces, the possibility of an easy handle's extraction and sterilization allow to maintain an optimal cleaning and hygiene.

- Absence of UV rays: There's no emission of UV rays, dangerous for biological tissues.

- Ergonomics and italian design: Iris View is realized with a production process that assure robustness, harness and durability in terms of detachment and stretching.

Available in different RAL colours, for applications on the unit, ceiling, wall and floor.

Available with 3rd axis movement to rotate Iris View in any directions.

- Technical Features:

  • Power supply: 12-24 Vac 50-60Hz
  • Maximum power absorbed: 50 VA
  • Dimension of pattern: 70 x 140 mm
  • Light intensity (5 adjustable steps) : 8.000-35.000 lux
  • Colour temperature (5 adjustable steps) : 4.200-6.000° K
  • Focal distance: 70 cm
  • CRI (colour rendering index): > 90%
  • Light source: 8 Led
  • Emission spectrum: 380 - 780 nm