Carestream Kodak CS 8100 Panoramic X-ray System

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Price includes delivery, training, and warranty

Delivery – Continental US only, Training – Basic Training, Warranty – 1 year parts, 90 day labor

An ideal blend of simplicity and sophistication, the CS 8100 truly redefines panoramic imaging. Designed to make your daily work easier and more intuitive, the system features a variety of tools to make positioning easier, image acquisition faster, and higher image quality more accessible—exactly what you need to streamline your workflow, improve usability, and make more accurate real-time diagnoses. The CS 8100SC model adds cephalometric imaging capabilities to the system.

  • GeneratorHigh Frequency DC
  • kVp Output60-90 kVp
  • Focal Dimensions0.5 mm
  • Wall Mounted or Free StandingFree Standing
  • Sensor TypeCMOS
  • Connection TypeEthernet
  • ViewsFull Panoramic  
    Segmented Panoramic  
    Maxillary Sinus  
    LA TMJ x 2  
    LA TMJ x 4  
    Optional Cephalometric Cranial 
    Optional Cephalometric Standard
    Optional Cephalometric Low Dose
  • Imaging Software IncludedCS Imaging
  • Grey Scale4096 - 12 bits
  • Scan Time2 - 12.5 seconds
    Optional Cephaolmetric: 3 - 10 seconds

Acquisition computer included

For more information please check out the product brochure.

This unit MUST be plugged into a dedicated electrical circuit with a breaker as well as a line conditioner to ensure more consistent current and protection against power surges.