Iridium I-Rex Dental X-Ray Sensor

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  • Products Model: IRDM-SENSORNEW1
  • Product Brand: Iridium
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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Iridium I-Rex Dental X-Ray Sensor

Sensor sizes: #1, #1.5, #2

Iridium sensors provide an ultimate image at a terrific value! Iridium sensors have round corners to provide easy positioning and patient comfort. Iridium sensors cables are reinforced with an ultrasonically sealed hardened outer casing which makes it extremely durable.

Safety: The I-Rex attains the highest quality image with the lowest amount of radiation exposure. This ensures the safety of patients and operators alike. The I-Rex captures radiographs with high spatial and contrast resolutions using the lowest radiation doses possible. Our ration of radiation exposure is 1/7(Rex2 sensor images) to 1(film).

Tough: The I-Rex is built to last. Durability and patient comfortably are built into every I-Rex sensor. Rigorous testing ensures durability and reliability.

Image Quality: Every image the I-Rex produces optimal exposure. The I-Rex ensures the highest contrast resolution. This allows you to see small changes in enamel density which in turn allows for a more accurate diagnosis and better treatment plans. The I-Rex’s high spatial resolution lets you see the fine details in image. I-Rex imaging uses low radiation doses. This low dose in turn reduces noise in the image to produce crystal clear images every time. Our software integration allows the I-Rex sensor to integrate with all the major image and patient management software. So you can store the images directly in the patients file.

High Definition & Precision: The direct USB connection guarantees instantaneous X-Ray image capture. The high definition (20pl/mm) associated to 14 bits grey levels , perfect clarity and ideal brightness and contrast in the images afford excellent legibility of the X-Ray. The large active surface area of the sensor offers an Optimum format for the X-ray image. Your Diagnosis is therefore accurate, Quick and reliable.

  • Sensor Technology: CCD

  • Sensor Cable: 9.9 feet (3.3m)

  • Cable Attachment: Reinforced Strain Relief Kevlar cable

  • USB Module: USB 2.0 Module