Eco-X CBCT X-ray from HDX Will (16x9) Call for Special Pricing

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    Product Information:

    • Products Model: ECO-X
    • Product Brand: HDX Will
    • Condition: New
    • Warranty: 5 Years

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    Eco-X CBCT Dental X-ray System

    Enhance Your Dental Imaging with a Wider Field of View.

    Eco-X is the perfect addition to any practice. Its wide FOV(Maximum 16x9 cm), is perfect for capturing the dentition, TMJ, or sinus. Available with a scan cephalometric attachment for your orthodontic needs.

    FREE Shipping, Installation, Training | 4 User Licenses | Acquisition PC Included

    Call for Special Pricing

     3D Imaging

    MAX 16×9 cm FOV, perfect for capturing dentition, sinus, or TMJ

     PANO with Autofocus

    2D panoramic feature with Autofocus for minimized distortion


    Extraoral bitewing images for better patient comfort

    Cephalometric X-ray (optional)

    Optional cephalometric arm attachment, excellent diagnostic images for orthodontic practice

    Model Scan Option

    Model CBCT Scan for STL extraction



    Field of View (CT)
    (cm × cm)
    (Diam. × Height)

    16 × 9 or 12 x 9(Adult)
    10 × 8 (Child)
    Free FOV (Min. 3 x 3)

    Voxel Size0.10, 0.15, 0.20, 0.25, 0.30
    Focal Spot (mm)0.5
    Reconstruction Timemin. 10 s (standard recon, MAR off)
    Gray ScaleCT & Panorama16 bits
    Scan- type Cephalo14 bits
    Tube Voltage60 kV to 90 kV
    Tube Current4 mA to 10 mA
    Patient PositionStanding (Wheelchair accessible)
    Detector TypeCT & PanoramaTFT: a-Si
    Scan Type CephaloCMOS
    System Weight (Tolerance: 10 %)Eco-X: 178 kg/ 392 lbs
    Eco-X S: 211 kg/ 465 lbs
    Dimensions mm × mm × mm
    (in × in × in) (W × D × H) (Tolerance: 5 %)
    Eco-X: 980 × 1225 × 2314 (38.6 ” × 48.3 ” × 91.1 ”)
    Eco-X S:1802 × 1225 × 2314 (71 ” × 48.3 ” × 91.1 ”)
    Control DeviceAlignment : Touch Panel
    Exposure & Imaging Acquisition: Workstation
    Patient AlignmentColumn: Electric motion
    Temple Support: Motion
    Patient PositionStanding (Wheelchair accessible)

    Includes PC (Intel i5 with SSD system), 24 inch monitor and software.

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