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Provide efficient care and accurate diagnoses for your dental patients with an X-ray processor from DuraPro Health. Our selection of film processors includes a variety of models to accommodate different types of dental X-ray film, including panoramic and periapical film. You can also choose a daylight loader in order to insert your film into the processor without the need for a darkroom. 

These are great options to use as an alternative to or in addition to your digital X-ray film processing that takes place on your computer. Check out the full lineup of dental film processors to find the right fit for your practice.

Automatic X-Ray Processors

If you’re looking to streamline the steps it takes to process your X-ray film, consider going with an automatic processor. The machines are designed to make film processing as easy as possible, automating the entire thing and maintaining the right chemicals with minimal effort required from you and your staff. 

For those who have not made a complete transition to digital radiography, this is an excellent option for processing film on site without the need to send it out to a lab. You can also find a great selection of automatic processor parts on our site, which makes it easier to perform regular maintenance and repairs at a low cost.

Processors for Different Types of Dental X-Ray Film

One of the most important factors to consider when selection a film processor for your dental practice is the type of X-ray film that you use. It’s important that the machine you choose is able to accommodate the film size. For example, our collection includes options for panoramic and periapical film. Browse through our film processors to find the right fit for your needs and consider one of our refurbished models to save on this piece of X-ray equipment.

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