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Vatech’s award winning family of products provides clients with an array of different options for their practices. All modalities and any configuration of a digital dental radiography system is available including Cone Beam CT, panoramic, cephalometric, and intraoral sensors. Their goal is to deliver superior diagnostics to improve the lives of patients. DuraPro Health sells both new and refurbished Vatech equipment.

Digital Sensor Positioning

Don’t let challenges with positioning digital sensors cause any issues with your X-ray images. Instead, use these digital sensor positioning supplies to make sure you get accurate and clear images every time. These simple yet useful positioning products make it easy to achieve the correct angles for digital image capture. With digital scanners, these accessories can make all the difference when it comes to getting the X-rays you need for proper diagnostics and treatment. Learn more about our selection of digital sensor positioning products to find the best fit for your patients’ needs.

Precision Positioning for Intraoral X-Rays

Although the sizes and shapes of intraoral sensors have improved over the years to promote better patient comfort, it can still be tough to get them positioned just right to capture the images you need. Being about to reach precise angles can help dental professionals to better assess their patients’ dental health and recommend different courses of treatment. 

That’s why these digital X-ray sensor positioners are so useful in today’s dental practices. If you use digital X-ray systems in your clinic, you’ll appreciate that these accessories make the process of capturing X-ray images even more successful time after time. From full sensor positioning kits with a variety of accessories to single bite blocks, these items are designed to access through hard-to-reach places inside the mouth without causing unnecessary discomfort to patients

Quality Products from Top Dental Brands

Shop for your digital sensor positioning supplies at DuraPro Health to get the best selection of brands and the best prices. We offer useful X-ray equipment accessories from top brands like Sticky Bites, Digi Loops, Acteon and Flow Dental. Regardless of which brand you select, you can rest assured you’re getting a quality product. And with our price match guarantee, you’ll also know that you’re getting the best price. Stock up now to be ready for all your digital X-ray needs.

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