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Sierra Dental

Sierra Dental Products has been manufacturing dry vacuum systems and compressors for the dental industry for 30+ years. They take great pride in their product and ensure exceptional technical support. Whether you are starting a new practice or replacing equipment, their mechanical room products will maximize your profitability and efficiency.

Veterinary Ultrasound

Ultrasound imaging has come a long way in veterinary medicine. Take advantage of the latest technological advances with ultrasound equipment from DuraPro Health. This type of imaging option can allow you to offer the best care for your patients and more accurately diagnose various animal health issues. Learn more about how ultrasounds can be used in veterinary medicine and benefits of using the equipment you’ll find in this online collection.

Uses for Veterinary Ultrasounds

In a veterinary practice or clinic, there are a wide variety of applications for ultrasound technology. Some of the most common uses for this veterinary equipment include ingested foreign bodies and pregnancies. A number of organs can be viewed with ultrasound machines, including the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys and spleen. Blood vessels can be seen as well, which provides information about blood flow through the arteries. In addition, ultrasounds can provide a closer look at tumors and masses and even help guide needle biopsies for laboratory testing. In general, many sources of abdominal pain or discomfort can be investigated with the assistance of veterinary ultrasound equipment.

Ultrasounds can also be coupled with X-rays to provide an even more complete picture of an animal’s current health. Referencing both types of images can help veterinarians to make an accurate diagnosis and plan the best course of treatment for each patient.

Benefits of Ultrasound Devices for Veterinarians

In addition to the fact that ultrasounds are so versatile for veterinary medicine, there are a number of other benefits to take into account when purchasing this equipment for your practice. One of the biggest advantages is how non-invasive this technology is, including the fact that no medication or anesthesia are typically required. That makes it easier on not only the animals, but also the veterinarians and owners. Ultrasounds are also affordable, and compact devices take up less space in clinics. Check out our selection of veterinary ultrasound machines to find one that will help you better assess your patients’ needs.

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