For over 85 years, Tuttnauer sterilization and infection control products have been trusted by hospitals, universities, research institutes, clinics and laboratories throughout the world. Supplying a range of top-quality products to over 100 countries, Tuttnauer has earned global recognition as a leader in sterilization and infection control. DuraPro Health sells both new and refurbished Tuttnauer equipment.

Curing Lights

Equip your practice with an essential piece of dental technology with curing lights from DuraPro Health. These devices have become incredibly advanced in recent years, so even if you already have dental curing lights, you may want to consider an upgrade. At DuraPro Health, you’ll find a wide variety of designs and styles, including cordless LED curing lights as well as LED bleaching systems. Learn more about our selection of dentist curing lights to find the best fit for your patients’ needs and your personal preferences.

Multiple Applications in Dental Practices

Curing lights are increasingly versatile in modern dentistry. They can be used for resin composites, adhesive cements and dental adhesives, speeding up the process and providing complete polymerization results. This helps with patient comfort, as well as the long-term clinical success of your procedures. By choosing the right halogen, LED or UV curing system, you can achieve better outcomes in your practice and make your treatments as efficient as possible.

Choosing the Right Technology

As mentioned above, curing light technology has advanced significantly, so it’s important to make sure your practice has the most up-to-date devices. Dental UV lights were included in early devices, but are no longer widely used. LED curing lights are particularly popular for their long-lasting, intense power, low wattage requirements and reduced generation of heat and noise, making them a great long-term investment. These quiet devices can also be battery-operated, so you can choose a convenient and portable cordless device. Halogen lights have their benefits, but aren’t as consistent as LED lights. Use this guide to help you find the best curing lights and other dental supplies for your practice at DuraPro Health.

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