Amalgam Separators

Dental Amalgam Separators provide Compliance with the pretreatment standard for new and existing offices will be met by completing the following tasks:
1. Install and properly maintain an amalgam separator that is ISO 11143 certified to meet at least 95.0% reduction of total mercury
2. Implement the following Best Management Practices to prevent mercury discharges that may bypass amalgam separators:

  • Properly collect and recycle “scrap” amalgam waste from amalgam separators, including chairside traps, vacuum pump filters, spent amalgam capsules, and extracted teeth containing amalgam (e.g., use a medentex Amalgam Recycling System)
  • Clean chairside traps using only non-bleach or non-chlorine cleaners
Solmetex NXT Hg5™ Recycle Kit ONLY
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Solmetex Hg5™ Compliance Kit
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Solmetex Hg5™ Compliance Kit 2
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