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Provide oxygen to patients with oxygen kits from DuraPro Health. This selection of oxygen tanks and accessories provides plenty of options for convenient and efficient oxygen administration. With a variety of sizes and setups from which to choose, it’s easy to find the best fit for any patient’s unique needs. Whether you need a simple carrying case or an oxygen tank on wheels, you can find just what you’re looking for in this collection. Start browsing now to see an array of oxygen kit options on our website.

Uses for Oxygen Tanks in Dentistry

Unlike in medical environments, oxygen tanks are typically used quite rarely in dental procedures. Those tanks, however, are absolutely vital in a medical emergency. If a patient experiences shock during a procedure, it’s imperative that oxygen is administered quickly and efficiently. That’s why it’s so important for dentists to have high-quality, full oxygen tanks on hand. Additionally, those tanks must be portable enough that they can be moved from where they’re stored to the patient’s location in seconds. To make sure this is possible, we recommend choosing an oxygen kit that comes with a carrying case or shoulder bag for smaller tanks and oxygen kit carts for larger tanks. This will allow you to keep oxygen tanks out of the way when they aren’t needed while still ensuring easy portability in an emergency.

Affordable Oxygen Kits for Sale

When you shop online at DuraPro Health, you’ll find that prices are more affordable compared to other medical and dental supplies stores. You’ll always find the most competitive rates on our website, particularly if you’re browsing through our quality refurbished and certified pre-owned supplies or equipment with an impressive savings of 40% to 60%. Our products come from trusted name brands, allowing you to get low prices on oxygen tanks from Mada Medical and more. Shop now to discover the best deals on essential equipment for your medical or dental practice.

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