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DuraPro Health has your safety in mind, check out all the Safety and Emergency items we have to offer at great low prices.

CPR:  We offer Cardiac Science Powerheart AEDs (some states it is the law to have AED medical devices in office),

Zoll CPR Connectors, Demo Kits, and Real CPR help travel trainer. ADC Adsafe CPR Pocket Resuscitators, carrying case, FM kit, ResQCPR systems, ResQGARD I TD systems, and manikins for training.

EMERGENCY/RESCUE: EMS Instruments/Equipment like Compass Health EMS Muscle Stim Analog Units, EMS 7500 Digital Edition, or Health Intensity Twin Stem Digital Devices. As well as Accessories like Comment Scoper Saver Bite Blocks, Tech-Med Jaw Spreader, Vyaire Medical Resuscitation masks, and Zoll One Step Pacing Cable.  If you are looking for Eye Wash systems we carry Desert Assembly line Opti-Klens.  Every Business needs a first aid kit on hand, we have Cramer Coach's Team First aid kit, Dukal Emergency Poncho, J & J First aid kits, mini kits also, Omni International Omnisafe First aid kits or SAJ first aid kits.  If you want to be prepared for any kind of emergency we also have patient transfer/transport devices like Aspen Patient Transfer Boards. As well as Graham Medical mover transports.

EYE PROTECTION (GOGGLES/GLASSES/SHIELDS):  Eye Protection is another protective item we carry, Kimberly Clark's line of Nemesis safety eyewear, and Metrex Googles, Tidi Eyeshields, as well as Tidi Faceshield.

HEARING PROTECTION/EARPLUGS:  DuraPro Health even has ear protection, like 3M E-A-R  earplugs and Bowman Eye & Ear Safety Station.

LINENS:  Dukal offers a full range of disposable blankets, specifically designed for the EMS market or when multiple cot changes are needed. Dukal also offers Emergency Blankets, or Graham Medical Mylar blankets and Tidi Fluid Resistant Tissue Emergency Blanket. If you are looking for something stretcher sheets, or Medical Barrier fitted sheets, we have ADI,  Tidi, and Graham brands.

MISCELLANEOUS:  DuraPro Health also carries Nurse Assist fall monitors in variety.

SPILL MANAGEMENT:  Every business needs a Biohazard Spill Kit which we carry as well as Chemotherapy spill kits, Formaldehyde clean-up kits and Universal Precaution kits by Medegen.  In this category, we also stock Solidifers such as Aspen Virasorb, Medegen Solidifers, and Metrex Canister Express Biohazard Treatment systems.

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