Dentamerica Inc. are fully committed to continuing innovative research and development in advanced dental technology. Dentamerica offers a full line of dental products including: LITEX™ Curing light, SCALEX™ Electromagnetic and piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler, ROTEX™ Micromotor unit, other instruments, materials, consumables and lab accessories. DuraPro Health sells both new and refurbished Dentamerica equipment.

Porcelain Ovens | Furnaces

Provide even more in-house services for your patients with the help of a dental lab porcelain oven or furnace from DuraPro Health. Our selection of dental ovens includes a variety of different sizes and designs to suit your unique laboratory equipment needs. With the ability to produce a number of products, including crowns and bridges, these porcelain ovens are designed to ensure that patients get the best solutions for their dental restorations. Learn more about our selection of porcelain furnaces to discover how these products are continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in dental care.

Expand Your Lab’s Capabilities

Today’s dental ovens have come a long way from the original models used in decades past. Cutting-edge technology has allowed for even more possibilities when it comes to producing porcelain dental restorations from custom molds. For example, our selection includes a number of different porcelain ovens that can be used for creating inlays, bridges and more, including sintering furnaces that can reach extreme temperatures capable of working with zirconia. We also offer multi-stage burnout furnaces in multiple sizes. Because we offer such a great variety of options, it makes it easier to discover a new dental oven depending on what types of products you need to make and how much space you have in your lab.

Dental Ovens With Advanced Features

In addition to choosing from different types of porcelain furnaces, dental lab professionals can also benefit from the unique settings each device has to offer. You’ll find advanced features like pre-set programming for “set and forget” convenience, improved safety settings, internet connectivity for easier upgrades and enhanced efficiency. Because types of features can present a major upgrade from a currently used porcelain furnace, dental lab managers should consider replacing an older model with one of these newer devices. This will help to ensure that you’re providing the best quality of dental care for your patients. Shop at DuraPro Health today to find quality dental supplies and equipment at affordable prices.

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