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Ray Foster

Ray Foster Dental Equipment is committed to providing quality products at affordable pricing resulting in the best dollar value available. Their goal is to exceed expectations and make customer satisfaction our highest priority.


Keep your dental lab up to date with the latest equipment by choosing a lamp from DuraPro Health. With all the detailed work that happens in laboratories, proper illumination is absolutely critical. You need the right light to see your work clearly and ensure that lab staff members have the ability to perform their jobs at the highest level. Start browsing now to discover great lamp options from DuraPro Health.

Dental Laboratory Lighting Options

One of the great things about dental lab lighting is that it’s available in so many different styles to suit the many different tasks that take place throughout the day. A light mounted to an adjustable arm allows the user to perfectly position the lamp for each task so they have the clearest view possible. Some lamps even have magnification options, so users can look through the light to see their work in even more detail. This is can be an asset in just about every lab setting.

Trusted Brands in Dentistry

Choosing high-quality equipment is essential in a laboratory. If a light is unreliable or underperforms, it can affect the outcomes of dental lab testing. That’s why our selection of lab lamps comes from some of the top brand names in the industry, like lamps from Handler, one of the top manufacturers of dental lab equipment. Start shopping now to discover competitive prices on highly rated models from trusted brands in the industry.

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