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RAM PRODUCTS INC has provided a wide variety of micromotors offering superior service and excellence for over 30 years. RAM PRODUCTS INC has been the leader for electric laboratory handpieces servicing dental laboratories, dentists, hobbyists, jewelers, craftsman, industrial work, podiatrists, and many more. Their partnership with Saeshin Precision in Korea has given new direction with X-Cube and Traus Implant motor systems and angles, E-cube for endodontics and a range of slow speed and surgical angles. Saeshin is focused to bring the best quality operatory handpieces to the market.

Lab Vibrators

If you’re creating a dental mold or cast, you need to work with a precise solution free of air and bubbles. A lab vibrator helps make this possible by shaking out air bubbles from the mixture before you create a cast.

How Does a Dental Lab Vibrator Work?

While dental technologies now encompass same-day milling and CAD/CAM drawings, molds and castings remain essential for select treatments and procedures. Unfortunately, air bubbles can disrupt the exactness you seek, creating pores or a rough, notched surface on the final result.

Instead of wasting time and materials, a dental lab vibrator helps refine the mixture. This device vibrates to shake a plaster, stone or alginate solution to remove all bubbles and air. Adding another level, the instrument sits on a set of rubber feet to reduce additional movements that could disturb or throw off the results. From here, the mixture is ready to be poured into a mold to create a dental model, cast or impression, which will then harden.

Lab vibrators offer multiple degrees of intensity, which will vary based on the mixture material. Rubber feet help limit excess movement that could contribute to additional air bubbles. Look for a platform that can be removed for thorough cleaning.

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Ram Products 4" Lab Vibrator
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Ram Products Large Lab Vibrator
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