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Bunzl Distribution

Bunzl Distribution USA, Inc. supplies a range of products including outsourced food packaging, disposable supplies, and cleaning and safety products to food processors, supermarkets, non-food retailers, convenience stores and other users. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Bunzl Distribution is the largest division of Bunzl plc, an international distribution and outsourcing group headquartered in London.

DuraPro Health is your one-stop for Dental Products. We carry top-selling brands and products at great prices for your practice!

DAPPEN DISHES & PROPHY RINGS:  Mydents quick and convenient vessel for prophy paste, composites, acrylics, cement and bonding agents

DISCLOSING SOLUTIONS AND TABLETS:  DuraPro Health offers Sunstar Americas top-selling item for the category- Sunstar Gum Red-Cote Cello Pak tabs, and Beutlich's Hurriview plaque swabs.

FLOSS ACCESSORIES:  Flossing should be a daily occurrence we offer everything you will need to take care of your patient's needs.  The top-selling item for this category is Sunstar Threader Eez floss and Sunstars Crayola Kids Flosser paks for kids.  We also have  Dukal toothette swabs, J & J Reach floss, and Dentotape Waxed floss. We have Sunstar's Expanding floss, Flossmate handles, Sunstar Gum Advanced care Flossers with control grip, and Sunstar Gum Butler Weave flosses in varied flavors.

FLOSS OFFICE & PATIENT:  The top-selling items in this category are all J&J Floss Ultra Clean Mint, Floss Gentle Gumcare in mint, Floss Coolmint, Flosser Pack. Needless to say, we cover many J&J  Flosses and Listerine's to choose from.

FLUORIDE HOME- GELS & RINSES:  DuraPro Health offers Medicom's Denti-Care Denti-Pro Sodium Fluoride Gels, or Crosstex's Zap Fluoride Gel in varied flavors.

FLUORIDE OFFICE- VARNISH:   The top-selling items for this category are  Medicoms Duraflor 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish Bubblegum flavor, available in other flavors. We offer Crosstex's Proguard 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish in mint or melon, Sultans Durashield 5% CV Clear Sodium Fluoride Varnish in varied flavors.

FLUORIDE OFFICE-GELS & RINSES:  Top seller item is Medicom Oral Rinse .12 Chlorhexidine Mint and their Denti- Foam Fluoride rinses 2% Neutral Sodium Mint.  DuraPro Health also has Keystone's Fluoride Gel in many varied flavors, as well as Keystone's Neutral PH Fluoride Gel, Keystone Perio Fluoride Rinse, Stannous Fluoride Gel, all in various flavors.  If you prefer the Medicom brand we also have their Denticare-Pro Gel  of course in many flavors, as well as Sunstars Fluoride Varnish.

FLUORIDE TRAYS:   DuraPro Health carries a wide selection of Fluoride trays from Medicom, Crosstex's Zap Dual Arch Fluoride Gel trays, Keystone Gelato Fluoride Arch trays, and Sunstar's Butler Fluoride Applicator Trays

IRRIGATORS:  The top-selling items for this category are Sunstar Interdental Soft picks, Interdental Proxabrush cleaner tight tapered, interdental Proxabrush travel tapered,  Interdental Proxabrush cleaner Moderate Tapered, Interdental Proxabrush Ultra tight gum-go-between, and Interdental Proxabrush cleaner wide tapered.

MISCELLANEOUS: The top-selling item is the Sunstar Stimulator handle/tip. We also carry Sunstar's Gum Implant care kits, adult care-kits, Kids Crayola marker patient packs, Sunstar Protect Antibacterial Toothbrush covers.

MOUTHWASHES:  DuraPro Health offers J&J Listerine Pocket Packs Breath Strips and P&G Scope Mouthwash Classic.

ORAL CLEANING AIDS:  Sunstar Gum Soft-Picks Advanced or Sunstar Your Gums Matter Variety pack.

ORAL MEDICATIONS:  DuraPro Health offers Crosstex Vet Oral Spray with CHG or McMerlin Sockit ORal Hydrogel Wound Dressing.

ORAL RINSES:  The top-selling item for Oral Rinses would be Xttrium .12% Oral Rinse, in Peppermint. We do offer McMerlin Oarasoothe Oral Rinse Hygiene, Sunstar Gum Oral Rinses(also Non-Alcohol), and Perioshield Oral Health Rinse.

PIT & FISSURE SEALANTS:  DuraPro Health offers Mydent Defend Pit & Fissure Sealant Kits, or SDI Conceal Syringe Bulk Kit or SDI Disposable Tips for Conceal, and Septodent's Toothfairy Pit & Fissure Sealant.

PROPHY ANGLES-DISPOSABLES:  Top selling items in this category are all Crosstex's Prophy Paste Angle Sparkle Soft Cups, Crosstex Prophy Cups Soft Twist, and Crosstex's Prophy Angle Sparkle Bulk Soft cups.  We also have Crosstex's Ez Contra Prophy Angle Firm cup, and Crosstex Twist Prophy Brush Tapered disposable.  If you like Keystone we have their Fortis Disposable Prophy Angle cups. Mydents Defend +Plus, and Sunstar Bulter Disposable Prophy Cups.

PROPHY PACKS:  Mydent Defend Prophy Paste in assorted flavors.

PROPHY PASTE:  Top Selling Items are both Crosstex's Sparkle Prophy Paste Individual cups Coarse mint and Crosstex's Prophy Paste Individual Cups Coarse Assorted flavors. For Vets, we also carry Crosstex's  Vet Prophy Paste.  We also have Keystone Gelato Primal C-TCP Prophy Paste, and Medicom's Denti-Care Prophy Paste, Sunstar Butler Monsterz Prophy Paste.

TOOTHBRUSHES:  Top seller for this category is all Sunstar toothbrushes- end Tuft Soft Tapered Trim Compact, Regular Travel Dome Trim Toothbrush, Techniques Deep Clean Soft Compact toothbrush, Child Crayola Neon Marker Suction Cup toothbrush, and Child Pip-Squeaks Suction Cup Tapered Toothbrushes.  We also carry a wide variety of P&G toothbrushes, Dr. Fresh Star Wars Travel kits and toothbrushes, Mydents toothbrushes, and Sunstar Toothbrushes, with varied tapers, bristles, heads.

TOOTHPASTE:   DuraPro Health has a wide selection of Toothpaste to choose from like J&J Listerine Toothpastes, Crest complete toothpaste. DuraPro Health also carries Crosstex's Vet Oral Health Tooth Gel for your pets.

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