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ARKRAY’s mission is to contribute to the health and well-being of people all over the world through the advancement of science and the discovery of new technologies.

DuraPro Health can help with your Needle and Syringe needs at a great low prices. 

Syringes:  DuraPro Health carries Septodents Syringe Aspirating Standard Syringe and their Septoject Needle 30G Short, these are two of our most popular items. However, DuraPro Health carries a multitude of syringes such as Dental, oral syringes, Ultra Safety plus syringes, Aspiject self-aspirating syringes, petitie aspirating, Exel Veterinary Insulin syringe, Owen Mumford Autopen Insulin Syringe,  Irrigating syringes, Catheter tip syringes, Medgen Gent L-Karen bulb syringes, Luer Lock syringes, Luer Tip Cap syringe, Syringes for Ear and Ulcer, Amsino Amsure Pole syringes, Loss of resistance Luer Loc, Luer Slip Syringes, multifit reusable syringes, Twin pack dual cannula device syringes, Halyard Glass syringes, Telefax LMA, MAD nasal Intranasal syringes, Telefax LAM MADgic Laryngo-Tracheal syringes, Exel Curve Tip syringes, Exel TB Luer Lock syringes, Exel TB Luer Lock with low dead space plunger syringes.

DENTAL:  In this category Septodent's Aspirating Standard Sryinges and Septoject 30G Short Syringes are our most popluar.   We do carry BD's oral syringe and oral syringe systems.  DuraPro Health offers a full line of Septodent's Aspiject self-aspirating, ECO, Fusion, Paroject Intraalignment and Petitie Aspirating Syringes.

INSULIN:  DuraPro Health offers Insulin Syringes as well, like Owen Mumfords Autopen Insulin. For Veterinary purposes we offer Exel Veterinary Insulin syringes.

IRRIGATION:  We offer Irrigation syringes also like, ADI, Amsion Amsure,and Busse Kraton irrigation syringes, and BD or Exel  Catheter tip syringes.  If your looking for bulb syringes we carry Medegens Gent L-Karen bulb syringes.  As well as Medegen Piston syringes and Nurse Assist Lube Jelly Sryinges.

MISC:  IF you need Disposable we offer BD's Cornwall Disposable syringes, or BD Luer Tip cap syringes. Busse safe-shield syringes and Busse or Medegen  syringes for ear and ulcers.

SAFETY:  DuraPro Health offers BD syringes or BD Safety Luer Lok Syringes.

SPECIALTY:  If your needing pole syringes we offer Amino Amsure Pole syringes. If you need Loss of Resistance we have BD Epilor Loss of Resistance Luer Lok, Luer Slip syringes.  We also have BD Multifit reusable syringes or BD twinpak Dual Cannula Device syringes.  If you are in need of Glass syringes we have Halyard Glass syringes. If you need Intranasal, DentalPlanet offers Telefax LMA MAD Nasal Intranasal syringes or Telefax LMA MADgic Laryngo-Tracheal syringe. Busse Posi-Space Lor Plastic Luer Lock syringes.

STANDARD:  For standard syringes DuraPro Health has BD Luer Lok, Luer Slip 30 or 60 ML syringes, and BD Slip Tip Syringes. If you prefer the Exel brand we carry Exel Curve Tip Syringe, Exel Bulb Syringe, Exel Luer Lock Syringe, Exel Luer Slip syringes.

TUBERCULIN:  For Tuberculin Sryinges we offer Exel TB Luer Lock Syringe or Exel TB Luer Lock with low dead space plunger with cap.

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