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Arkray USA, Inc.

ARKRAY’s mission is to contribute to the health and well-being of people all over the world through the advancement of science and the discovery of new technologies.

DuraPro Health can help with your Needle and Syringe needs at a great low prices.

DuraPro Health carries Septodents Needle Recapper aim safe a popular item for your safety.  We carry B-D Clip Needle Clipping & Storage, also by mail, as well as BD's Durasafe Plus case Variable Extension Needle sets, or Exel Injection Plug Cap with Luer Locks.  Certol Protector Needle Sheaths and Smiths Medical Point-Lok Universal Needle Protection, or Smiths Venipuncture needle-Pro Device Dispenser Box.  We have Dental needles, Biopsy needles and Aspiration Biopsy needles, safety needles, Spinal-Epidural needles, and Bone Marrow needles, by these manufauctures- BD, Busse, Vyaire, Exel, Septodent, Smith, Covidien, Halyard, HTl, Ultimal, Ethicon, Myco and Terumo. 

MISC: . Septodent's Needle recapper aim safe and BD's Safe clip needle clipping and storage (also by mail), Drive Medical Glass Bottle.

BIOPSY: BD Carefusion Biopsy needles, BD Chiba Needle Aspiration, BD Echogenic Procedure Needle, BD Westcott Apiration/Biopsy Needle, Busse Bone Marrow Biopsy Needles,and  Vyaire needles.

DENTAL: We have Exel Dental Needles and Septodent's Evolution needles

SAFETY:  DuraPro Health carries BD Integra Hypodermic Blunt needles or BD Integra Hypodermic Retracting needles, as well as BD Precisionglide Allergist Tray Needles.  We also have Smith's Medical Hypodermic safety needles in a variety of IM, Pro Edge, and Smith's Medical Jelco Blunt fill Needles or Terumo Surguard 3 safety needles.

SPECIALTY: DuraPro Health has many to choose from, and one for everyone. BD Angiography -autoshields needles, BD Carefusion Bone Marrow Tray/Needles, BD Filter, Nokor, or Vented Needles. We have insulin needles as well like, Ultra Fine Insulin Needles. Covidien Surgical needles, Ethicon Insufflation needles, Exel Aluminum Hub Needles, or Exel Blunt, Hubner, Comfort Insuling or Dermatolgy Hypodermic needles.  If you need a Insulated Reginonal Block Needle we carrry Halyard Probloc needles. HTL Strefa Dropsafe Safety pen needles or Ultimed Ultricare Pen Needles.

SPINAL:  DuraPro Health offers a variety of Spinal needles like BD Carefusion Lumbar Punture trays, BD Carefusion Myelogram Trays, BD Peripheral Block Needles. Or BD Perisafe Epidural needles/Tuohy needle, BD Quincke Spinal needles, BD Whitacre Pencil Point Spinal needles, and Busse Quincke Spinal Needles.

STANDARD:  DuraPro Health also has BD Eclipse Luer Lok needles or BD Precision Glide Bevel Or Blunt needles. As well as Exel  or Tuermo Hypodermic safety needles.