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When you need essential supplies for your practice like dental syringes and needles, turn to DuraPro Health. We offer a great selection of high-quality products from top-rated brands in the industry. And with our great low prices, you’ll be able to stock up without going over your budget. Learn more about the selection of dental needles and dental syringes for sale at DuraPro Health to find the right fit for your needs.

Dental Needles

Looking for dental needles? We’ve got you covered with a wide range of options that includes dental anesthesia needles, biopsy needles, aspiration needles, safety needles, spinal-epidural needles and bone marrow needles. These products are made by trusted manufactures like BD, Busse, Vyaire, Exel, Septodent, Smith, Covidien, Halyard, HTl, Ultimal, Ethicon, Myco and Terumo. 

Staying safe while using dentist needles is always a priority. That’s why we offer options at DuraPro Health like Septodent’s Needle Recappers, which are one of the most popular safety items in this category. We also carry BD Clip Needle Clipping and Storage devices, which offer an easy and safe way to remove syringe needles, as well as BD's Durasafe Plus case Variable Extension Needle sets. Depending on the types of needles you use in your practice, such as dental anesthetic syringe needles, you may find accessories like Exel Injection Plug Cap with Luer Locks, Certol Protector Needle Sheaths and Smiths Medical Point-Lok Universal Needle Protection to be useful. Storage for your needles is another priority to keep in mind, so consider products like the Smiths Venipuncture needle-Pro Device Dispenser Box

Dental Syringes

DuraPro Health also carries a variety of syringes to suit your practice’s services. That includes the Septodent’s Syringe Aspirating Standard Syringe and their Septoject Needle 30G Short, these which are two of our most popular items. Other options you’ll find in this collection of syringes, include oral syringes, Ultra Safety plus syringes, Aspiject self-aspirating syringes, petite aspirating syringes, Exel veterinary insulin syringes, Owen Mumford autopen insulin syringes, irrigating syringes, catheter tip syringes, multi-fit reusable syringes,  syringes for ears and ulcers and Amsino Amsure Pole syringes. The list continues on with more options from trusted manufacturers, such as loss of resistance Luer Lock and Luer Slip syringes, Medgen Gent L-Karen bulb syringes, Twinpack dual cannula device syringes, Halyard Glass syringes, Telefax LMA, MAD nasal Intranasal syringes, Luer Tip Cap syringes, Telefax LAM MADgic Laryngo-Tracheal syringes and Exel TB Luer Lock with low dead space plunger syringes. When it comes to dental needle and dental syringe suppliers, we top them all with our incredible selection of products, top dental brands and affordable prices.

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