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Turn to DuraPro Health when it’s time to stock your dental practice with essential supplies and equipment. This collection features a wide variety of dental hygiene instruments that allow you to maintain a safe, clean environment. Using the right tools and supplies from this collection helps to protect you, your staff and your patients. And with options from top-rated brands, you can rely on long-lasting quality and excellent performance when you use supplies purchased from our website.

Important Dental Tools for Hygiene

Maintaining a clean environment is important in any medical practice. However, dental work involves small tools and close-up work inside the mouth that create opportunities for cross contamination. That’s why it’s so important to get the best hygiene instruments by shopping at DuraPro Health. Some of the options you’ll find in our collection include dental Curettes, scalers (anterior and posterior), scissors, scalpels and quadrants specifics which have been color coded for organization. But that’s just the beginning. We also offer options like sharpeners, sharpener kits, restorative burnishers, pluggers and hatchets. You’ll find probes, pliers, tweezers, grafting tools and grafting kits. Moving into more serious dental work, you’ll discover an array of bone grafting tools, such as chisels, aspirators, bone crackers, bowls, mallets, measuring/mixing bowls, scrapers, bone rongeurs and bone carriers. 

The list goes on with helpful supplies like impression trays, extracting forceps, luxating instruments, needle holders, measuring ridge mapping caliper and guides and measuring and drill guides. We also carry accessories like dental cassettes to assist in the sterilization process. 

Low Prices on Top Brands

For the best prices on the best dental hygiene instruments, choose DuraPro Health. You’ll be impressed by the fact that we offer options from the most popular dental hygiene instrument brands, including Paradise Dental Technologies, Zirc, NIVO and more. These companies have developed superior tools by research dental hygiene instruments and their uses, which helps to ensure great results for every patient while protecting everyone in your practice.

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